Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium

June 6-7, 2015    Harvard University


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Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium is held by Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (BTBA), a non-profit organization established by Taiwanese professionals in biology-related fields in 2012 in Boston. We strive to bridge the academics and industry gap in the U.S. and Taiwan and to meet the needs of professionals in biology-related fields.

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陳垣崇 博士

Dr. Chen is a world-renowned biomedical researcher specializing in genomic and translational medicine.

Yuan-Tsong Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Fellow and Academician, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

唐南珊 博士

Dr. Chang is one of the most prominent and influential leaders in the global biotechnology industry.

Nancy T. Chang, Ph.D.

Ph.D., founder of Tanox

李勁葦 博士

Gene-Wei Li developed single-molecule approaches to probe the dynamics of gene expression in living cells.

Gene-Wei Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, MIT

宗家洸 博士

Prefossor Tsung's research focuses on heterogeneous catalysis, provides access to the range of chemicals, materials, and fuels we use.

Chia-Kuang (Frank) Tsung, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Boston College

王立三 博士

Dr. Wang's research integrates bioinformatics, genomics, and human genetics in the study of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

Li-San Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Bio info. Pathology, University of Pennsylvania

廖容儷 博士

Prof. Liao's research program has centered upon the interrogation of cardiovascular physiology.

Ronglih Liao, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, BWH / Harvard medical School

李敦厚 博士

Dr. Lee's major research interests are host-virus interactions with particular focus on human and related primate retroviruses.

Tun-Hou Lee, Ph.D.

Professor, Harvard School of Public Health

宋晶晶 博士

Dr. Sung has over 14 years of industry experience in biologics development.

Crystal C. Sung, Ph.D., (ABMLI)

Senior Director Scientific, Clinical Lab Sciences, Sanofi

彭浩帆 博士

Eric is a senior engineer in the cell culture development group at Biogen Idec.

Eric Peng, Ph. D.

Sr. Engineer, Process Development, Biogen Idec

莊維廉 博士

Dr. Chuang has more than fifteen years of working experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wei Lien Chuang, Ph. D.

Principle Scientist, Analytical Chemistry, Sanofi

Alice Tsai, Ph. D.

Dr. Alice Tsai is a talented research scientist at the Vertex Pharmaceuticals. She has been working in the industry for seven years.

Alice Tsai, Ph. D.

Sr. Scientist, PKPD, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

黃宏仁 博士

Dr. Hong-Ren Huang has a broad spectrum of knowledge in the high through put drug discovery.

Hon-Ren Huang, Ph. D.

Senior Scientist, Intellia Therapeutics

陳亞華 博士, 律師

Jenny is a member of the State Bar of Massachusetts and is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Y. Jenny Chen, Ph.D., J.D.

Patent Attorney, Wolf Greenfield

欒甡 博士

Shen started his career with Thermo Fisher Scientific (originally Thermo Jarrell Ash Corporation) for 9 years and has held various management positions.

Shen Luan, Ph.D.

Director of Regulated Products, Thermo Fisher Scientific

張劭聿 醫師, MPH, RAC

Shaoyu specializes in investor outreach, market research, and technical review and writing in support of biotech and medtech entrepreneurs.

Shaoyu Chang, MD, MPH, RAC

Sr. Research Analyst, Life Science Nation

賴青志 M.S., MBA

Chance Lai has 10+ years of experience in technology transfer, venture capital, and product management.

Chance Lai, M.S., MBA

Assoc. Director of Product Management, Life Technologies

魏宇峰 博士

Yu-Feng has over 16 years of experience in advanced analytics and predictive modeling.

Yu-Feng Wei, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Vizuro

湯竣鈞 博士

Winston has in-depth work experience with pharmaceutical companies in Asia and the United States.

Winston Town, Ph.D

Vice President, Diamond BioFund Inc., Chairman and President, Fountain Biopharma Inc.

呂全偉 經理

Mr. Lu leads business development and alliance management activities at Taiwan Liposome Company (TLC).

Charley Lu, MS, MBA.

Senior Business Development Manager, Taiwan Liposome Company

許嘉欽 總經理

Mr. Sheu holds master's degrees in packaging and food technology from Michigan State University and Iowa State University, respectively.

Chia-Chin Sheu, M.S.

President, Simpson Biotech Co., Ltd.

林國鐘 博士

Dr. Lin is the Founder and CEO at PharmaEssentia.

Ko-Chung Lin, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, PharmaEssentia Corporation

林南宏 博士

Dr. Lin is currently the Senior VP at CHO Pharma and has more than 210 publications.

Nan-Horng (Stan) Lin, Ph.D.

Senior VP, CHO Pharma

Networking: Entry into the Industry

Need some tips to get an industrial job? We have speakers from different companies with 1-4 years of working experience who might have answers for you. Feel free to talk to them in the networking session!




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Abstract Submission

Got exciting research work(s) to share?
Submit your research abstract(s) and present your work to all the attendees!

If your abstract is selected for Research Talks, you will have the chance to present your research at Basic Research Talks or Applied Research Talks. Each Research Talk session includes 7 long contributed talks and 6 short contributed talks.
*Please note that you have to complete registration before submitting an abstract.

Abstract submission deadline is May 1st. You will be notified by May 31st.

Abstract Submission FAQ

A long contributed talk is composed of 6 minunites presentation and 2 minutes Q&A. You will NOT have a poster spot. Due to the diverse background of the conference audience, speakers are recommended to make their presentations sufficiently informative for audience who are not in their field of expertise.

If you are selected for a short contributed talk, you will have 90 seconds to introduce your work to the audience. There's no Q&A but you will have a poster spot at Poster session where you can explain more details to the audience. *ALL speakers of short contributed talk are REQUIRED to present a poster at Poster session.

Yes, you can choose to participate in Poser session but not in Research Talks. Please indicate your preference when submitting your abstract.

Each abstract is limited to 2900 characters. Please also guide us a category and field that best describes the abstract.

All the posters need to be 48 inches (or less) in width and 48 inches (or less) in length.

Yes, just submit a new(revised) one, it will overwrite the previous submission. You can use Review My Submission to see the most recent submission. Please note you have to finish all your revision by May 1st. All the abstracts submitted after this deadline will NOT be accepted.

career fair

Looking for a job?
Submit your C.V. and get an informal interview with some biotech companies from Taiwan!

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The Career Fair at Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium is a great opportunity to explore career opportunities in Taiwan. Job candidates are encouraged to submit their C.V.s. Private informal interviews will be arranged for selected candidates after company representatives review C.V.s. (You have to complete registration before submitting a C.V.)

C.V. submission deadline is May 1st. You will be notified by May 31st.

Career Fair FAQ

Bring your C.V. to the symposium! When you talk to company representatives, it helps them to understand your background.

Not a problem. The Career Fair is a unique opportunity to learn about the biotech companies in Taiwan. If you’re interested in getting into the industry after school, you should visit the company websites to learn about the organizations. You should also come to the Biotech in Taiwan Panel to learn more about career opportunities and biotech industry in Taiwan. Find a break from the Poster session and talk to the company representatives near their posters if they have one. Although not yet looking for a job, it can be a good exercise to prepare your C.V., use it to talk to others, and get feedback.

Yes, just submit a new(revised) one, it will overwrite the previous submission. You can use Review My Submission to see the most recent submission. Please note you have to finish all your revision by May 1st. All C.V.s submitted after this deadline will NOT be accepted.


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