Jing-Ruey Joanna Yeh, Ph.D.
葉景睿 博士

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Joanna Yeh received her PhD from Yale University working with Dr. Craig Crews on deciphering the mechanisms of anti-angiogenic compounds and on genetic targeting in mice. She then moved to the Cardiovacular Research Center at MGH and worked with Dr. Randall Peterson on developing zebrafish leukemia models and on in vivo chemical screening. Dr. Yeh received the Claflin Distinguished Scholar award in 2008, and is currently a principal investigator at the Cardiovascular Research Center at MGH. Her lab is interested in developing zebrafish models of human diseases to interrogate the disease mechanisms and to identify potential therapeutics against these diseases. Joanna Yeh’s research team has also been at the forefront of advancing technologies for zebrafish genome engineering using various customizable site-specific nuclease platforms including CRISPR/Cas9. Additional research focuses are directed to study cancer metabolism and identify novel therapeutic approaches.