Vibronix develops advanced imaging and sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment. We currently focus on photoacoustic imaging system for intraoperative margin assessment. At present, 70% of the breast cancer patients undergo the lumpectomy, which is partial breast removal instead of whole breast removal. However, there is always a question that if all the tumor are removed. In fact, owning to the uncertainty, over 25% of the patients have to go back and experience a second or even third surgical operation to remove all tumors. That is painful, costly, and distressful. We are developing a technology called MarginPAT that can distinguish the cancer and normal tissue based on a multimodal imaging system. We examine the excised tissue, and this procedure only takes less than 10 min. Our recent preclinical study in 40 tissues shows a 93% sensitivity and 90% specificity.This means that our technology can help the doctor to completely remove all the tumor within one operation. Compared with our competitors, we take less time and generate more accurate results. We are currently looking for a 1 million investment to reach design freeze and get 510(k) approval.