Founded by Dr. Chung-Wei Lee, the well-known Helicobacter pylori researcher, VACEPYLORI is pioneering in immune-modulating, preventive and therapeutic vaccines to target H. pylori. As a carcinogenic bacterium, H. pylori infects more than half the population worldwide. Among the infected patients, >80% have gastritis, 15% develop peptic ulcer and atrophic gastritis, and about 1% eventually progress to gastric cancer. Facing an increasing drug resistant rate to standard antimicrobial treatments, H. pylori vaccines remain the primary preventive modality. VACEPYLORI vaccine platform is proven to induce desirable host immunities in mice. Product pipelines are focusing on both prevention of H. pylori infection and treatment of peptic ulcer and gastric cancer associated with chronic H. pylori infection. Pre-clinical developments are undergoing in rodent models of chronic H. pylori infection and H. pylori-associated gastric cancer. VACEPYLORI is collaborating with academic institutes in Taiwan for pre-clinical development and seeking industrial partners for clinical trials.