Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium

July 16-17, 2016    Harvard University

about Symposium

Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Symposium is held by Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (BTBA), a non-profit organization established by Taiwanese professionals in biology-related fields in 2012 in Boston. We strive to bridge the academics and industry gap in the U.S. and Taiwan and to meet the needs of professionals in biology-related fields.

We welcome all graduate students, postdocs, and young professionals in bio-, pharma-, public health-, and related fields to join us at the symposium. Please submit an abstract if you would like to present your research work (oral or poster presentation) at the symposium. The symposium will take place at the Northwest Building at Harvard Universiry. Please check out the Direction for instructions on how to get there.

Important Dates:

Abstract and entrepreneurial presentation submission deadline: June 3rd.

Early bird registration deadline: June 3rd. Registration fee: $10.

Regular registration deadline: July 15th. Registration fee: $20.

*Registration will be closed once the number of registrants reaches the maximum capacity of 250 people. No on-site registration will be accepted.

*Registration fee includes lunch/dinner on Day 1 and coffee breaks on both days.



許照惠 博士

Dr. Hsiao is a world-renowned biomedical researcher specializing in genomic and translational medicine.

Jane H. Hsiao, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer,Opko Health, Inc.

楊泮池 校長

Dr. Yang is the current President of National Taiwan Univerity.

Pan-Chyr Yang, M.D., Ph.D.

President, National Taiwan University

曾玉華 博士

Yu-Hua Tseng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Charles P. Lin

Charles P. Lin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

葉景睿 博士

Jing-Ruey Joanna Yeh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

呂宗熙 博士

Tzong-Shi Lu, Ph.D.

Instructor, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard medical School

Dr. Jean J. Huang

Jean J. Huang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology, Olin College

何伯容 博士

Andrew Ho, MD

Executive Director, Clinical Development, SK Life Science

李文機 博士

Frank Lee, Ph. D.

Principal, FWL Consulting Services


Joyce C. Chiu, CPIP

Formerly Associate Director, Program Management Lead, Shire Pharmaceuticals

凌美秀 博士

Mei-Hsiu Ling, Ph. D.

Senior Director, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

林俐伶 博士

Lih-Ling Lin, Ph. D.

Senior Director, Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit, Pfizer

鄭兆珉 博士

Chao-Min Cheng, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Institute of Nano Engineering and Micro Systems and Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, NTHU

李岳倫 博士

Alan Yueh-Luen Lee, Ph.D.

Associate Investigator, National Institute of Cancer Research, National Health Research Institutes

李心予 博士

Hsin-yu Lee, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Life Science, NTU

沈湯龍 博士

Tang-Long Shen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, NTU

余慈顏 博士

Tsyr-Yan Yu, Ph.D.

Assistant Researcher, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academic Sinica

Greg Sieczkiewicz, J.D., Ph. D.

Greg Sieczkiewicz, J.D., Ph. D.

Managing Director & Chief IP Counsel, MPM Capital

Michael Mee

Michael Mee

Associate, Flagship VentureLabs

Luis Barros

Luis Barros

Leading Business Ventures (LBV)


I-Hung Shih

Associate Director for Life Sciences Investment, Temasek

溫國蘭 總經理

Dr. Karen Wen currently serves as the President of Mycenax Biotech Inc and she is one of the founders of this company.

Karen Wen

President, Mycenax Biotech Inc.

劉家宏 博士

Dr. Liu is a Senior Director at Meridigen Biotech Co. He specializes in automation of knowledge work, cloud-based services in biotech industry.

Mark Liu Ph.D.

Senior Director, Big Data Division, Meridigen Biotech Co.

Lauren Celano

Lauren Celano is the co-founder and CEO of Propel Careers, a life science search and career development firm.

Lauren Celano

Founder and CEO, Propel Careers

Academic Workshop

The academic workshops aim to help equip symposium participants with practical skills for an academic career. The topics cover four essential aspects in the day-to-day task in academic, including grant application, job application, interview, and scientific writing. Each session will last for 30 minutes, and the participants can choose 2 sessions to attend. Please indicates your preference during registration.

(1) Introduction to funding systems in Taiwan and tips for grant application.
Discussion will be led by 李岳倫 博士 (Faculty at 國衛院)

(2) Essential skills in Interview, Job talk and Chalk talk.
Discussion will be led by 余慈顏 博士 (Faculty at 中研院)

(3) Essential skills in scientific writing and publishing
Discussion will be led by 郭昇翰 博士 Dr. Sheng-Han Kuo (Faculty at Columbia University)

(4) How to find position opening and prepare for application packages.
Discussion will be led by 李湘盈 博士 Dr. Sherry Lee (Post doc at MIT)

Industry Workshop: Career Opportunities in Drug Development

Are you considering going outside of academia but not sure what opportunities are out there? Are you thinking about transitioning into industry but don’t know what areas or positions that may fit your interest and background? Come to this section and figure it out! This section is featured to introduce positions in several departments during drug development. Speakers with different expertise and backgrounds will share with you about their daily life at work and the qualifications required to land similar positions.

Drug Discovery

Ho-Chou Tu, Ph.D. 杜荷洲

Scientist @ Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

DMPK: Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic

Shu-Pei Wu, Ph.D. 吳書沛

Scientist II @ Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Analytical Department

Kuan-Wei (Wilson) Peng, Ph.D. 彭冠為

Bioanalytical Scientist @ Berg Health


Hungyun (Hank) Lin, Ph.D. 林弘昀

Principal Scientist @ Pfizer

Process Development & Manufacturing

Haofan (Eric) Peng, Ph.D. 彭浩帆

Senior Engineer @ Biogen

Drug Discovery - in silico

Chia-Ling Huang, Ph.D. 黃佳苓

Investigator I @ H3 Biomedicine

Clinical Trials

Yu-Hui-Chen, MPH. 陳俞潓

Statistician III @ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


Yushen Chang, M.S. 張餘慎

Senior Recruiter @ Korn Ferry

Resume Workshop

A seminar given byLauren Celano, CEO of Propel Career. Some of the topics listed below will be discussed during the prsentation:

a. Networking Insights - Best practices to network and follow up (before and after landing a job)

b. Acing the Interview

c. The Job Search Process

Networking: Entry into the Industry

Need some tips to get an industrial job? We have speakers from different companies with 1-3 years of working experience who might have answers for you. Feel free to talk to them in the networking session!

Abstract Submission

BTBA invites all attendee from diverse fields to share their exciting research.
Please download abstract template and submit your research abstract(s)!

Once your abstract is selected for oral presentation, you will be able to present your research at Research Talks. Each talk has 10-12 minutes presentation including Q&A in the session containing 10 outstanding researches.

Abstract submission deadline is June 3nd. You will be notified by June 27th.

Selected abstracts can be found in Program Book.

Abstract Submission FAQ

  • Abstract Limit: There are no restrictions on the number of abstracts you may submit and present, provided that each abstract represents distinct research.
  • Topic Category: Please select the appropriate topic categories for your abstracts.
  • Special Characters and Formatting: Please try to avoid using special character. If necessary, all special characters need to transfer to alphabet.
  • Character Limit: There is a limit of 2,000 characters for the text of your submission. Spaces are not counted.
  • Abstract Proof: Please carefully check your abstract(s) and make sure all special characters and formatting display correctly in your proof.

  • Molecular, Metabolic and Structural Biology
  • Infectious Disease, Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • Cancer, Stem and Regenerative Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Genetic, Systemic and Computational Biology
  • Bioengineering and Imaging
  • Chemical Biology and Biophysics
  • Pharmacology, Clinical Studies and Experimental Therapeutics
  • Health Service and Outcome Research

Selected abstracts will be able to present at Research Talk and provided with BTBA Abstract Outstanding Achievement Award. An oral talk is composed of 10 minutes presentation and 2 minutes Q&A. The oral presenters are welcome to present a poster at Poster session. All speakers must arrive in the session room at least 20 minutes before their presentation. Due to attendees' diverse background, speakers are recommended to make their presentations sufficiently informative for audience.

Authors must set up their posters between 8:30 AM and 9 AM on the day of BTBA conference, and keep them up until 8 PM. Posters must be removed by 8:20 PM on the day of presentation. Posters not removed will be discarded.

Yes. You must designate your presentation preference. All accepted abstracts will be scheduled as posters. Only those select 'Talk' or 'Both' will be considered to present at Research Talk session.

All the posters need to be 35.5 inches (or less) in width and 47 inches (or less) in length.

Entrepreneur Presentation

Got brilliant business ideas?

The BTBA Entrepreneur Presentation invites biomedical startup teams to pitch to professional investors. Startup teams will have the opportunity to demonstrate their business ideas and receive direct feedback from the judges (Investor Panelists). No monetary prize will be offered. Nine startup teams have been selected to join the BTBA Entrepreneur Presentation.

Asclepiumm Taiwan Co., Ltd

Asclepiumm Taiwan Co., Ltd

is a startup biotech company for (1) bio-therapeutic drugs and...



tackles the problem of inefficient communication in science by connecting...



develops advanced imaging and sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment...

U-ARK™ America, Inc.

U-ARK™ America, Inc.

tackles the problem of inefficient communication in science by connectingis a U.S. based software company which strive on connecting the modern...

Roundabout Therapeutics

Roundabout Therapeutics

Multi‐drug resistant infections in both the hospital and community settings have reached...

BioMab, Inc.

BioMab, Inc.

discovers and develops cutting edge immuno-based diagnostics and therapeutics to...



is a cloud-based technology company that solves drug polymorphism by providing...



Founded by Dr. Chung-Wei Lee, the well-known Helicobacter pylori researcher,...



CDC reports that 1 out 6 children have developmental problems, costing healthcare $30+...


Northwest Building, Harvard University
Cambridge MA

Getting Here

Public Transportation

Take the MBTA(subway) RED Line to Harvard Square. Local bus #1 #66 #68 #69 #71 #72 #73 #74 #75 #77 #78 #86 #96 can also bring you to Harvard Square.


Many hotels are available in Boston and Cambridge area. We are also trying to provide accommondation match, please check out our FACEBOOK page if you are interested in finding alternative lodging options!


On-street parking is scarce in Cambridge, but there are several public parking lots and garages around the square. Attendants can use Harvard Campus Services to purchase one-day permit for parking on or near campus. Please note that parking permit can only be purchased from two weeks to one day in advance, but NOT on the day of the event.

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Ministry of Science and Technology
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Organizing Committee

*Indicates team leaders

*Ying-Ja Chen 陳映嘉 (Co-chair)

*Chih-Chieh Wang 王志傑 (Co-chair)

*Fu-Kai Hsieh 謝富凱, (Academic Panel-US)

*Yi-Ying Chou 周怡吟, (Academic Panel-Taiwan)

*Yu-Chen Tony Tsai 蔡宇承, (Academic Workshop)

Sheng-Hsuan Lin 林聖軒

*Chia-Jung Chang 張嘉容, (Oral and Poster Presentations)

*Ta-Ming Liu 劉大鳴, (Oral and Poster Presentations)

*Kuo-Chan Hung 洪國展, (Industry Panel-US)

Wei-Chiang Chen 陳偉強

*Amy Shyu 徐艾梅, (Industry-Networking)

*Huey-Ming Mak 麥惠明, (Industry-Networking)

*Charlie Yang 楊鎮遠, (Resume Workshop)

*Tzu-Hsing Kuo 郭姿杏, (Industry Workshop & Mentoring Program)

*Haofan Eric Peng 彭浩帆, (Industry Workshop)

*Yung-Chih Cheng 鄭永志, (Industry-Taiwan)

I-Ju Lee 李以如

Cheng-Hao Chien 錢正浩

*Shaoyu Chang 張劭聿, (Entrepreneur Track)

Margaret Wey 魏嘉英

Ho-Chou Tu 杜荷洲

*DeKuan Chang 張德寬, (Fundraising)

Pi-Chun Li 李璧君

*Hsiao-Ying Wey 魏曉英, (Website)

Chiao-Feng Lin 林嬌鳳, (Website)

Wan-Ping Lee 李婉萍

Wilson Peng 彭冠為

Tien-Yun Huang 黃天韻

*Shiao-Chi Chang 張筱琦, (Promotion)

Hsien-Yi Tsai 蔡賢奕

Chung-Hsuan Huang 黃仲軒

*Pai-Chi Tsai 蔡百騏, (Program Book)

*Kuan-Wei Chen 陳冠煒, (Program Book)

Ruth Lin 林昱秀

*Hui-Ting Chou 周慧婷, (Clerk)

*Sherry Lee 李湘盈, (Treasurer)

*Sheng-Shiang Anson Peng 彭聲翔, (Regular Career Workshops)

*Elise Huang 黃士芳, (Mentoring Program)

*Chia-ling Wu 吳佳璘, (Mentoring Program)

*Sheng-hong Chen 陳昇宏, (NTU Collaboration)