Yun Chen, PhD (陳昀博士)

Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering and
Center for Cell Dynamics, School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University







Dr. Chen completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of North Carolina, where her research focused on tracking molecular movements in cells by single particle tracking with fast-sampling high-resolution microscopy. Dr. Chen was a 2010-13 NIH Intramural Research Training Award Fellow at National Institutes of Health and awarded 2007-2010 Joint NIST/NIH Interface Research Associate Fellowship by National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences. She is now the PI of Lab of MAFIA (short for Mechanochemistry And Functional Imaging Applications).​ At the lab of MAFIA, her group develops multi-scale, multi-modal imaging tools to study how mechanics integrates with other biophysical and biochemical factors to sustain normal physiology or to cause pathology.