Ray Lin, PhD, MBA(林伯睿博士)

Senior Scientist
Assay Development
OriGene Technologies Inc.







Ray Lin graduated from the Agricultural Chemistry Department in National Taiwan University. He received his PhD degree in Biology from Georgia State University, where he developed the two-electrode voltage clamp and patch clamp techniques to study E. coli protein-conducting channels. He then became a postdoctoral fellow at Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc./National Cancer Institute at Frederick and focused on the HIV and cancer research. He studied the regulation of HIV in immune system and thecancer signaling pathways. Currently, he is a senior scientist in the Assay, Immunology, and Molecular Biology Departmentat OriGene Technologies, Inc.His works involve in multiplexed assay product development by using Luminex and ELISA technology, antibody development, and lentiviral particle production. Ray also received his MBA degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2015.