Mei-Yin Chou, PhD (周美吟特聘研究員兼副院長)

Distinguished Research Fellow
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences
Vice President of Academia Sinica







Professor Chou received her B.S. (1980) degree from National Taiwan University, M.S. (1983) and Ph.D. (1986) degrees from in University of California, Berkeley, USA. Her researches focus on the electronic structure of condensed matter, and its effects on the structural and dynamical properties of materials. The purposes of her studies are to provide unambiguous explanations for various interesting phenomena observed experimentally in clusters, solids, and surfaces, and to make reliable predictions of new material properties from microscopic quantum theories. Her theoretical efforts can be classified into two categories: (1) the study of the electronic and dynamical properties of technologically important materials, and (2) the development of new algorithms and calculational methods in studying materials properties using quantum mechanics.