Academic Seminar

2022 BTBA November Academic Seminar–How do plants adapt to climate change and pollution?

“是一種藍色的哀愁 我醒在荒涼的地球 紐約在海底的角落 陽光把大地變沙漠 變了味道 人們才開始哀悼” {摘自林俊傑_新地球.}


Have you ever worried about our future? Industrial pollution and climate change cause lots of disasters and losses. What can we do to solve or slow down the damage? Come and join us to hear what botanists learn from the plants adapting to climate change and environmental pollution.

  • Time:
    • November 18th (Sat) 2022, 8 pm - 9 pm (EST)
  • Place:
2022-11-18, 8 PM - 9 PM

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