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Boston Taiwanese Biotechnology Association (BTBA) is a non-profit organization started in 2012 by a group of Taiwanese graduate students, postdocs and young professionals in the greater Boston area. Our goals are to foster individual career development, to enhance scientific collaborations, to facilitate interactions and to strengthen networking among academic and industrial bioscience communities in Taiwan and US.


Career Development Series

BTBA November Panel—Data-Driven Decision Making in Biotech/Healthcare

2023-11-18, 12:30–4 PM ET
Lehman Hall (8 Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA)

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Career Development Series

Special Event Biotech Career in Japan—Biotech Industry Career in Japan 日本求職大不同!

2023-10-28, 9 PM–10:45 PM ET

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Meet People, Catch Up With Friends, And Learn

Welcoming Party

BTBA Welcoming Party

2023-10-21, 11 AM - 4PM
Lehman Hall (8 Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA)

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Anniversary Symposium

2023 BTBA Anniversary Symposium

2023-07-08, 8 AM to 2022-07-09, 12PM
Northwest Science Building

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S4 Ep.2 量產 COVID 快篩的跌宕起伏 ft. 洪克璿 Dr. Alex Ko-Hsuan Hung

Nov 07, 2023

COVID-19 大流行改變了整個人類社會,當初在家隔離、大規模封城的日子是近代歷史上相當特殊的一段時期。在這段日子裡,科學家扮演了至關重要的角色,他們研究病毒、開發藥物、疫苗以及相關檢測器材, ...More info

S4 Ep.1 一窺BTBA新任會長的生技職涯大冒險

Oct 15, 2023

這集我們邀請到BTBA(2023-2024)新任共會長吳佩容與蔡明儒博士,來跟大家分享他們的職涯歷程,和對未來BTBA的展望。想知道在大環境不佳的情況下如何因應?如果遇到裁員時,又該如何面對呢? ...More info

S3 Ep.17 新創之路─智慧細胞學檢測 ft. 陳聖雄 Samuel Chen

Jul 01, 2023

陳聖雄先生(Samuel)在台灣以及矽谷的科技業多年擔任高階主管,他在事業高峰之時,毅然辭去工作,共同創辦了醫乘智慧(AIxMed),應用人工智慧的技術解決生醫領域的重大難題,他的團隊發展數位細 ...More info


Sneak peek into the industry

Po-Jen (Will) Yen, Business Development

By Yi-Shan Chen on Mar, 2019

As a scientist in Biotech/Pharma, Business Development to me is a function that usually doesn’t have a lot of interaction with researchers unless they need data from you but the decisions they make influence researchers the most. ...Read more

Sneak peek into the industry

TeYu Chen, Medicinal Chemist

By Yi-ying Chou on Nov, 2018

I always thought that doing biological experiments, like sitting long hours in front of tissue culture hood, can be physically challenging. When I chat with Ryan, I realized that medicinal chemists also have heavy workload on the bench side. In pharmaceutical company, chemists are not allowed to be ...Read more