Career Development Series

Career Development for Life—IQ, EQ, and SQ?

對 FDA 的工作充滿熱誠 想多了解 FDA 規範運行與工作機會嗎?


我們很榮幸邀請到 Dr. C.J. George Chang 與我們分享職涯 SWOT Analysis 與 3P’s 和 4C’s:

  1. Career Development—How to find your niche? SWOP analysis, 3P’s and 4C’s
  2. Job Seeking—Best Practices
  3. The Work and Opportunities at FDA—To Protect and Promote Public Health
  • Time: December 3rd (Sat) 2022, 11 am–12 pm (EST)
  • Place: Virtual. RSVP
2022-12-03, 11 AM–12 PM

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