Academic Seminar

BTBA March Academic Seminar—Application of machine learning in protein design


Proteins are indispensable in nearly all biological processes, including signaling transduction and gene expression regulation. The structure a protein adopts is closely linked to its function, underscoring the need for a comprehensive mapping of the high-dimensional protein sequence-structure relationship. This would significantly enhance our ability to predict and design protein functions. In 2021, AlphaFold was launched, and since then, numerous deep learning techniques leveraging rich sequence-structure databases like Protein Data Bank (PDB) have remarkably improved our capacity to tackle complex protein function tasks. These include protein binder design, protein stability enhancement, and de novo enzyme design. During this seminar, Andy and Joshua will provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of how deep learning facilitates protein design, and present practical examples of its use in biotechnology and addressing biological questions.

  • Time: March 24th (Sat) 2023, 8 pm–9 pm (EST)
  • Place: Virtual. Register here
2023-03-24, 8 PM - 9 PM

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