Experiences in the US and Taiwan Biotech Industry

Jun. 3 (Sun.) 10:00 am – 11:10 am.

・ Learn about the similarities and differences between biotech industry in the US and in Taiwan. What opportunities and challenges may I face if I go back?
・ Respected panelists who hold leadership positions in biotech associations or companies in Taiwan will share their experiences.
・ Designed for all abroad bio-talents who may be interested in going back to Taiwan one day.


Confirmed Speakers (in alphabetical order):

M. Sherry Ku, PhD

Chairmen & CEO

Savior Lifetec Corp.

Lee-Cheng Liu, EngD

President and CEO

EirGenix Incorporation

Irene Wang, PhD


Lin BioScience

George Yeh, MA,  MBA


Taiwan Liposome Co.